What Will I Need?


As a general guide, you will need somewhere between 15-25 reusable nappies (depending on how often you intend to wash) and if you are opting for a 2-part system (nappy and waterproof cover) you will need only about 4-5 of the covers/wraps, as these only need to be washed every few uses or when soiled.

If you opt for a quick drying type of nappy, then you can get away with less nappies in total as your rotation will be quicker.

Real Nappy Packs

We offer a variety of ways that can get you started with cloth including a Reusable Nappy Starter Pack. This offers a great intro to cloth for just £30.


Boosters - Nappy Boosters are one of those "must have" items. For as little as £12 you can get 10 bamboo boosters, that can be used inside any of your nappies to give them an extra boost of absorbency when required.

Liners - Disposable nappy liners are optional, but can be very useful during weaning and when things are a little more solid.

Bucket or Large Wet Bag - You may choose to store your wet nappies in a bucket at home, or opt for a waterproof hanging pail. Either option works well.

Small Wet Bag- An out-and-about wet nappy bag is essential if you are using cloth out of the home. Simply transfer your used nappies into your hanging pail or bucket when you get home.

Washable Wipes - these are a revolution! So much more effective than disposable wipes, and will save you stacks of money! Find out more about using reusable wipes here

Potty Training - when it comes to potty training, you'll be pleased to know that evidence suggests that children in reusables will potty train faster! Find some potty training tips from expert Amanda Jenner here and the My Carry Potty range of training pants and accessories here


Download our ultimate Guide to Real Nappies here for easy to read, and concise information on getting started with cloth







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