Washable Wipes


Washable wipes can be made of any washable material, but cotton, polyester fleece and bamboo work especially well. A good size for a wipe is 15-20cm square. Washable wipes are used in the same way as a disposable wipe, and can be used on faces, hands, bottoms, or wherever- then when you are done, just pop them in the machine alongside your nappies or regular laundry.

Why opt for washable wipes?

Over the course of infancy, it is easy to spend £200-300 on disposable wipes- compare that with a one-off spend of  £10-30 on washable wipes and it’s a no-brainer!
A baby’s skin is 5 times thinner than that of an adult, and so will absorb much of what is put on it and disposable wipes are often full of chemicals, moisturisers and fragrances which can cause skin irritation.

Lately there has been a significant recognition among both politicians and the general public regarding the environmental damage caused by single use plastics. Disposable wipes fall into this category, and their impact on our planet has been significant. With the UK government considering a BAN on disposable wipes in the near future, never has there been a better time to take a pro-active step and switch to washable wipes.

How do I use washable wipes?

Really, this is entirely up to you, and you will find a method that suits you best. But we can give you the options.

  1. Wipes can be stored in a wipe solution ready to use,

  2. They can be stored dry and dipped in the solution as and when needed, or

  3. You can keep a wipes spray handy and simply squirt when required. It really doesn’t need to be complicated!

If opting for option 1 though, be careful not the store the wet wipes for too lengthy a time, as they can become musty and icky.

Handy Hint: Store your warm water or wipe solution in a thermos flask ready to use throughout the day. It will spare your baby from that cold wipe feeling, and will save you running the tap to get hot water each time!

What wipe solution should I use?

Again, entirely up to you. Wipe solutions can be as simple as plain water, you can buy a ready-made soothing cleansing spray or can you make your own solution using:

2 Tbsp baby oil or olive oil: To keep skin soft and help the wipe to ‘glide’
2 Tbsp of liquid baby wash: To cleanse
1-2 Cups of warm water: To dilute the other ingredients and cleanse

For a soothing wipes solution when nappy rash might be a problem, you can use a chamomile & honey tea bag- simply "brew" this in hot water and use once cooled.


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