Try Cloth for £10!
Try Cloth for £10!Try Cloth for £10!Try Cloth for £10!Try Cloth for £10!

Try Cloth for £10!

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Step 1: Pay a deposit of £100 + £10 Programme fee & P&P and receive a set of BRAND NEW nappies

Step 2: Try them out for 30 days, and fall in love with cloth nappies!

Step 3: If you decide to keep the package after the 30 days, we will top up your account to £10 worth of Pants Points for use on building your fluffy stash! If you decide to mail them back to us, we will refund you £100 (this is an actual refund, not store credit!)

Your Pack Includes:

1 x Seedling Baby Multi-Fit

1 x Alva Baby One-Size

1 x Mama Koala One-Size

1 x Little Lamb Bamboo Nappy

1 x Little Lamb Nappy Wrap

1 x Tots Bots Easyfit

1 x Thirsties Duo Wrap

1 x Thirsties Duo Insert

1 x Baba + Boo One-Size

1 x Roll of LL Disposable Liners

1 x Nappy Guide

1 x Instructions sheet

'Try Cloth for £10' lets you:

  • Give Cloth nappies a go, risk free!
  • Gives you the opportunity to try a wide array of different nappy types- you may be surprised at what you love!
  • Use your nappies for 30 days
  • Decide to return them if you wish for a full refund (minus the £10 program fee)
  • Decide to keep the full set and receive £10 worth of store credit!
  • Call us any time for guidance and support!

We will even send you some disposable nappy liners free of charge in your pack to get you started! These are entirely optional, however are recommended for your nappy trial.


  1. Is this program for me?

Cloth nappies can be daunting, especially with all of the different types and brands available. Our unique program enables you to test out a varied selection of top brand reusables, without the risk. In the end if you do decide that cloth just isn't for you, at least you can say you tried!

     2.    What condition will the nappies be in when I receive them?

Brand, spanking new! This will mean that all nappies will need pre-washing before use, and some will need a few washes to build up their absorbency.

    3.     Will you be on-call to help with any questions?

Abso-diddley-okely! We are here to help, so give us a call or drop us an email with any questions and we will respond promptly. We also include washing instructions with your kit.

   4.    Can I choose my colours?

Yes, please use the drop downs above to select each individual piece of your kit. You can customise the sizes and the designs. Where a size option is not available, this means that the nappy is a one-size design.

   5.     What if I want to keep the nappies?

Fantastic! If you want to keep all of your new nappies you will not be charged the £10 program fee - in fact you will receive £10 of store credit (in Pants Points) for spending in store. Just drop us an email to let us know that you wish to keep your package before your 30 days is up and will be issue your credit.

  6.     What if I want to keep only some of the nappies and return the rest?

Not a problem, your deposit will be adjusted accordingly (nappies in the kit are refunded roughly at a rate of retail price - 10%) . However,  you will still be charged the £10 program fee.

   7.    How much is postage?

Postage of the kit to a UK address is £5.95. You are responsible for the costs of returning any nappies to us, and we do advise you to use to tracked method of postage in case your package should go awol during its travels back to us.

  8.    What if my nappies get lost of damaged?

If you lose or damage a nappy during your trial, you will be responsible for the cost of the item(s). However, staining and manufacturing defects are not a problem and are not your responsibility.

 9.      When does the 30 days begin?

Your 30 day trial begins from the date your package is delivered, not the date of dispatch.

 10.     Where do I sign?!

Nowhere, just add to your basket and lets get you started with Cloth!

Average Rating (64 Reviews):  
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Such a great way to try reusable nappies
Sunday, 15 March 2020  | 

Iíd been interested to try reusable nappies for a while but had been put off by the cost, the mind-boggling variety of styles, and the thought of all the extra washing. When I came across this £10 trial I decided to have a go - safe in the knowledge that Iíd be able to get a refund if I didnít like any or all of the nappies.

In fact, Iíve been really pleasantly surprised. We havenít had a single leak (compared with fairly frequent leaks using disposables). The night nappy has also been a game-changer in helping us get through the night without a nappy change. Hooray!

Yes, there is more washing to do but itís not overwhelming and it feels worth it to reduce our waste and find an environmentally friendlier alternative to disposables. I wish Iíd tried them sooner!

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Cleared the haze of cloth nappy overload!
Monday, 23 September 2019  | 

I was totally overwhelmed by all the different types, materials and brands of cloth nappy on the market and had no idea where to start! The more I researched, the more overwhelmed I got, it also seemed that everyone had differing advice. I then stumbled across the FYP nappy trial and it was just what I needed to provide some clarity!

They sent me a pack of beautiful nappies really quickly, each was a different type, material and brand so it allowed me to find the ones that worked best for me. I soon found out that things I had originally thought were important to me (like speed of drying), were not so important, and that actually performance (including containment under compression) were far more relevant. I also found that some fit the shape of my baby and others didn't, something Iíd never have worked out by taking advice from others.

I would absolutely recommend this trial to anyone. I feel way better informed now and am ready to start purchasing the nappies which are right for my baby and I.

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Super awesome idea
Saturday, 13 July 2019  | 

I am loving this trial! The combination of types is really well thought out giving a good overview of the different types of cloth nappies. It is still a tricky decision as to which ones I will go with as I haven't had any real issues with any of them. I am currently leaning towards the Bambino Mio AIO though I love the patterns of the Thirsties and the cheapness of the Alva. Thanks FYP team

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Fantastic trial if you're unsure about reusable nappies!
Tuesday, 16 October 2018  | 

This trial has been absolutely brilliant. I'd been thinking for a while I'd like to try reusable nappies but was a bit bamboozled by all the choices and different types on offer. This gave me an opportunity to try a variety of popular nappies to see which I preferred before committing and buying in one type in bulk. I thought I'd prefer all-in-one nappies but when I started using my trial nappies I discovered I preferred all-in-twos.

It's great being able to use each type and learn about washing, drying, absorbency etc for yourself, there's no better way to learn about reusable nappies! In my opinion this trial scheme has been worth every penny.

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Great trial kit
Thursday, 11 October 2018  | 

Really pleased with this trial kit - 7 to try giving a good variety which is also manageable. Would have been nice to have more than one insert for the Grovia and Milovia but this is a minor point! Definitely recommend this for anyone looking to try reusables. Always had quick and really helpful replies from the FYP team when I had questions.

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Great trial
Monday, 1 October 2018  | 

Great trial, good selection of things to try out and get used to cloth. A nappy bag would have been useful as part of the 'experience' as its definitely become part of our routine now

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Great start
Wednesday, 22 August 2018  | 

It's been great testing these nappies out on our 1 month old.
Even though some don't quite fit properly yet, the grovia hybrids work wonderfully, as does the bamboo little lamb, the tots bots easy fit and the mio solo. The quality of the inserts in these all feel superior to the others too.

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Tricky decisions!
Monday, 20 August 2018  | 

This kit is the perfect way to enter into the world of reusable nappies. Having just had a second baby I really wanted to use reusable but every time I looked into it when pregnant I felt overwhelmed by the variety of options available. This kit is perfect for working it out. Trying to work out the best fit, best for drying, best absorbancy etc can only be done to suit u and your baby like this. I really recommend it. I also found the support of the company perfect in the first few days when I had questions, responses were super speedy by email.

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Great programme
Tuesday, 24 July 2018  | 

Iím almost finished my 30 day trial and am a cloth convert! The main thing I was nervous about was how they would cope with EBF poo explosions, but they actually contain it better than disposables do. Itís been a warm summer so itís been easy to wash and dry the nappies and wonít be as easy in normal British weather, but iíll hopefully be in a routine by then! Iím going to keep all the nappies, and will buy some more AIOs and Alvas at the end of the trial. I like the Grovia as well but am a bit put off by how long they take to dry. Iíve been very impressed with the service from FYP too - my queries were answered promptly and my nappies arrived quickly. The only thing that would make the trial better would be if a bucket / bag to keep the nappies was provided (even if it makes the trial a bit more expensive). Iím keeping them in a plastic bag until I buy one but thereís a definite smell of pee in the room!

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Great way to try cloth
Monday, 19 March 2018  | 

A great way to test out a range of nappy types and brands and means you can work out which work best for you before investing. If you are unsure whether cloth will work for you, I recommend the trial. I would not have tried otherwise but now plan to continue using.

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