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Little Lamb One Size Nappy V2- 5 Pack Bundle


Little Lamb One-Size Pocket nappies are a firm favourite at FYP- with their stretchy knit cover, 2 absorbent bamboo inserts and super soft inner stay-dry lining.

The pocket on the inside of the nappy lets you slide in the absorbent bamboo boosters prior to fitting onto baby. Pocket nappies were developed from the all-in-one style - where the layered absorber was sewn inside - but they took an age to dry. So with the Little Lamb V2, you get the best of both worlds- super absorbent bamboo fibre, but with a faster drying design.

Each One-Size pocket nappy comes complete with two of their famous bamboo boosters. As there are no bulky seams on the booster they dry faster than the equivilent made from cotton.

The soft lining that sits next to baby’s skin is a super-soft microfleece that draws away moisture to the bamboo boosters, protecting your baby’s skin.

With pocket nappies the most important thing is to get the boosting right for your baby's need, a light wetter may only need one booster, most will need two and possible three for overnight.

The elastic is super-soft to prevent chaffing baby's delicate skin and we have gone to great lengths to find an American-made elastic that with proper laundry care will last and last.

Little Lamb One-Size nappies feature a higher rise than some other nappies, making them great for taller babies.


  • pocket design, making them quick drying
  • 2 bamboo boosters included
  • inner soft stay-dry lining
  • high rise, making them great for tall babies
  • size adjusting snaps, so the nappy can be adjusted to fit from 10-35lbs/4.5-16kg approx

Choose your colours in this bundle from our selection here
*Please advise if you require designs without eyes.






The Little Lamb One Size nappy will fit from approximately 10lbs through to 30lbs

What Else Do I Need?

What else will I need?

Liners: You may choose to use disposable liners inside your nappies to help with the removal of solids, however these are optional and are not essential.

Nappy Bucket or Hanging Pail: Any lidded bucket or hanging pail can be used to store your wet nappies. There is no need for soaking, they can be thrown into the empty bucket or bag ready for wash day. If using a bucket, mesh bags or pail liners can be used to make transferral of your nappies from the bucket to the machine really easy.

Wet Nappy Bag: This is a waterproof bag to be kept in your changing bag that can be used to store your wet nappies when you are out and about. We recommend the Alva Wet & Dry bag.

Boosters: These are optional and may be used if your child is a heavy wetter, or for night-time boosting. Our fabulous range of nappy boosters can be seen here.

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11 Reviews:

Fantastic pocket nappy
10 September 2019  | 

Great bundle with option to choose your own colours. Really good fit for our little one and they are so soft too.

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Love these nappies
16 June 2017  | 

This is a fab bundle of lovely nappies at a great price. Within about a day of ordering, my red, yellow, orange, blue and green nappies arrived to add to the single purple one I had bought to try them out. The two inserts they come with are perfect stuffing for day time use. They dry very quickly and are so soft inside. The design of the poppers means you can get a nice fit and we have never had any leaks with these. I love them!

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02 December 2016  | 

perfect thank you

16 of 32 people found this review helpful.
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01 December 2016  | 

Happy with the purchase. Does the job very well. Recommended!

8 of 22 people found this review helpful.
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Quite good
02 January 2015  | 

Do their job, not exceptional, but so far, so good

2 of 21 people found this review helpful.
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Amazing !
29 August 2013  | 

These nappies have been fantastic, no leaks and have held in all poop explosions haha. The fleece layer on top means that whenever I go to change my little man his bum feels dry. We use both bamboo booster and they work perfectly so far so good.

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Mummy Morkus on the Little Lamb OSFA Review
07 August 2013  | 

I have been trying a variety of OSFA nappies since starting my baby on them from 3 weeks. She is 8 weeks old now and these little lambs make up the bulk of our stash. I love their ease of use and hard wearing boosters. I first few I got had the cotton boosters which are really thick, these helped with the fit when my baby was only just 10lb. Now these nappies come with a bamboo booster which is as absorbent but much thiner. I have found they don't fit my baby girl as well with just these boosters even tho she is 12lb. We have had a few leaks from the legs since using only the bamboo. I now use one big cotton and one bamboo booster mostly to improve the fit. I am very much enjoying my adventures in cloth and can't wait to try some more brands to compare.

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Cheap and very nice
25 July 2013  | 

When I bought this nappies I was a little concerned but I've decided to try them because it's the only way to really know about it. I've tried them in my little girl and I'm very pleased. She got the nappie on for 5hours and it had no leaks. We used both inserts together! Great value for money! I recommend!

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22 July 2013  | 

The best , longer wearing pocket nappys i have come across! perfect for my two year old toddler as its not cutting in and the best part is it doent leak! thank you so much

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Great value
22 July 2013  | 

For the price fo these when on special offer these are great value for money. I have had no real problems using them but find I have to add an extra insert to prevent leaks as we have had a couple.

11 of 19 people found this review helpful.
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