Little Lovebum Mighty All-in-One Nappy

(VAT Free)
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Little LoveBum Mighty is a One-Size All-in-One nappy that is best suited to chunkier babies and heavy wetters, it is easy to use and super absorbent. It has hip snaps to help prevent wing droop and longer tabs to help with fit on chunkier babies, it has gentle leg elastics and double popper fastenings. It also have a front elastic to make the nappy sit lower, this will add extra leak protection too! 

What is it made from?
The outer layer of the nappy is a waterproof and breathable TPU. The inner of the nappy is made from thirsty hemp layers and topped with a microfibre layer to help with fast absorption, it also has a stay dry top to keep baby's bum dry.

What else will I need?
These nappies are ready to use and even have a stay dry liner so you won't need anything else to get started, they are extremely thirsty too!

How do I use it?
These are all in one nappies, so simply put on and go! 

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