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Close Newborn Nappy PackClose Newborn Nappy PackClose Newborn Nappy Pack
Close Newborn Nappy PackClose Newborn Nappy PackClose Newborn Nappy Pack

Close Newborn Nappy Pack

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Pop In Newborn Nappy Pack


The Pop-In newborn nappy is an affordable way to bridge the gap between tiny baby and birth to potty sizing.
Unlike the standard one-size Pop In Nappy it is designed specifically to be used on a tiny or premmie baby straight from birth.
The front section is contoured to sit comfortably below the umbilical cord rather than over it, and the nappy itself is much slimmer than the one-size version.
The newborn nappy is intended for lower wetting, high frequency changing that is oh so common in those first few weeks!
It is still 100% Pop In, with the same trust and reliability, but with some new materials and new ideas! Unlike its older sibling, the outer wrap can be easily wiped clean and re-used if not soiled, leaving you to just switch the soaker over at change time- easy!
The soaker is slim but absorbent, made using 5 layers of super soft bamboo terry, there is also a top layer of fast wicking polyester to keep baby's skin drier in use making them perfect for your little one's delicate skin.

In this Newborn Nappy Box you will find:

10 x Double Sided Newborn Soakers
6 x Newborn Outer shells (in a mix of pastel colours, may vary according to stock levels)

Weight Range:


What else will I need?

Liners: You may choose to use disposable liners inside your nappies to help with the removal of solids, however these are optional and are not essential, especially for newborns.

Nappy Bucket or Hanging Pail: Any lidded bucket or hanging pail can be used to store your wet nappies. There is no need for soaking, they can be thrown into the empty bucket or bag ready for wash day. If using a bucket, mesh bags or pail liners can be used to make transferral of your nappies from the bucket to the machine really easy.

Wet Nappy Bag: This is a waterproof bag to be kept in your changing bag that can be used to store your wet nappies when you are out and about. We recommend the Alva Wet & Dry bag.

Boosters: These are optional and may be used if your child is a heavy wetter, or for night-time boosting. Our fabulous range of nappy boosters can be seen here

Job done! Take a look at our Accessory Bundles , everything in one place at great prices!

Average Rating (10 Reviews):  
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Perfectly tiny
30 March 2019  | 

Really happy with these nappies! My baby boy was only 2810 grams at birth making my other newborn cloth nappies too big and bulky. These fit perfectly and no leakage so far. Cant even tell my baby is wearing cloth and not disposables theyre so small. If absorbancy proves too low in the next few weeks I Will simply add a small (homemade) booster now I only wish I had bought more!

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So soft
28 April 2017  | 

Was lucky enough to receive this set as a gift and it really is the best gift baby has had!

The soya side of the inserts are so soft and this set combined with 2 patterned pop in newborns and 2 milovia smalls I'm hoping are going to save me from having to reach for the prefolds too often

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Perfect for smaller babies
12 March 2017  | 

My son was 6 lbs 10 with very skinny little legs. BTP swamped him and so these enabled us to cloth from birth. They are good value for money and soon pay for themselves. We managed to use just two sets, washing every day and drying overnight. Only downside is you will need to boost after a few weeks.

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lovely fit, great price
11 November 2016  | 

It's early days yet, (she's only 6 days old and been in cloth since day 3) but I love these nappies and so does my baby girl! The inserts are so soft next to her skin, the outers fit really nicely around her tiny thighs, they wash well and dry quickly too. The only reason they're not 5* is that it would be good to be able to buy more of the same inserts, as the wraps come off clean enough for 2-3 uses between washes but I run out of inserts, so end up washing the whole lot just because it's easier. Fantastic value for money, would definitely recommend.

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Great nappies, but not really worth it.
21 September 2016  | 

Easy to use, no leaks but they did rub my babies bellybutton a bit, so only started using full time once the cord had come off. I would only recommend these if you have a low birth weight baby, mine LO was 3.2kg at birth and only got a couple of weeks use before she out grew them.

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Pop in newborn
18 May 2016  | 

The covers are Nice, fit wel en I have had minimal leaks (of I had one, it was my own fault). The inserts however, are bare minimum. When the baby starts drinking (and peeing) More, yoy have to boost the diaper. A Small size prefolds Fits goed and works a lot netter then the inserts that come with it. The insert had a stay dray side, that works good. All in All I am glad I bought de diapers, I use them because the one size are (baby is 4100 gram) still a bit big.

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Pleasantly surprised!
14 July 2015  | 

I was not expecting much from these nappies, as some of the reviews seem less than glowing! Firstly, I was most appreciative that FYP matched the price. They are definitely worth the advertised price (although they will only last a few weeks, the alternative is disposable nappies, which would work out costlier).
I find I use about four outers a day. The baby is wearing one, the next one is made up ready for a quick change; then, if only wet, the first one just needs a quick wipe, and it is ready to go again!
If I have run out of inners, I have some little lamb boosters (which I use anyway in my other babies night time nappy). Two boosters (whichever size) and a fleecy thing are just the job. The outers dry quickly, the inners go in the tumbler. At night, a booster with the inner means it will last much longer. I always expect a few leaky nappies.... Sometimes it is "operator error"! If I could give 4.5 stars, I would. I have hardly used disposable nappies, except for the very early days (she is 6 weeks old now,and will still get a few weeks use out of them) and hers is a much happier bottom in a washable nappy!

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great start for newborn
25 March 2015  | 

I enjoyed using these nappies on my newborn but once she reached 6 weeks their absorbancy are not that good since she has such a large amount of urine output

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great fit
30 January 2015  | 

I'm really impressed with the fit of these nappies. started using them when my daughter was about 3 days old and we've had no leaks yet. I would agree with the other reviews though that the soaker is not thick enough. We've been adding an extra booster layer from our existing nappy stash and that seems to work well. Also we already have the pop in new generation birth to potty set and the boosters from those fit with these nappies.

I would say that 6 shells is maybe just about enough if you wash them every day but 10 inners is not enough and we've been using other inserts to supplement them.

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Very slim!
06 May 2014  | 

I bought these for my 2 week-old baby, the fit is great, they are extra slim, easy to use, and the soakers dry real quick, but we had leakage issues 3 out of 5 times, though I change my baby every 2 hours. I never put them on during the night.

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