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Tots Bots Disposable Nappy Liners

Roll of 100 biodegradable paper nappy liners from Tots Bots, ideal for when you are out and about and prefer the convenience of a disposable liner.

Simply line the inside of your cloth nappy and dispose at change time! Flushing is not recommended, please bag and bin them.

Tots Bots Spunlace Nappy Liners are the very latest thing in biodegradable liners.

  • Made from 100% biodegradable cellulose fibres
  • Softer than a standard paper nappy liner
  • Convenient – disposable
  • Comfortable – silky soft next to your baby's skin
  • The perfect size for your nappies, whether flat, fitted, pocket or all-in-one! No need for cutting or folding down to size...

Cellulose is the most abundant and renewable biopolymer on Earth. Unlike synthetic fibres, man-made cellulosic fibres are completely biodegradable and can be recycled, incinerated, landfilled or digested in sewage. These liners have been hydro spun (spun with water jets) without the use of the chemical bonding agents associated with standard paper liners.

Tots Bots disposable liners not only do the job perfectly, but they really are super soft! The spunlace fibre is nothing like the rough, scratchy paper liners you will find on the high street- your baby's bottom will be very happy with these!

Roll of 100 disposable, biodegradable nappy liners.

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138 Reviews:

My favourite disposable liners
23 March 2020  | 

These liners keep their shape much better than the other brand Iíve tried. You can also wash them a few times to get more use out of them if theyíre just got wet. They donít hold all my babyís poo but catch the worst of it

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Very useful liners
20 March 2020  | 

They definitely make it easier to remove solid poo from nappies, and seem to minimise staining (they didnít prevent staining completely). However, soft poo seems to get squashed into the liner and I was a bit squeamish about trying to remove it! I didnít want to flush the liner so I ended up binning the liner and poo, which is not ideal. Iíd love a flushable liner, but on the plus side this one is very soft and Iím glad it is made from paper so it will biodegrade. Poo consistency might be due to my LOís age and stage on the weaning journey!

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Good nappy liners
05 March 2020  | 

Seem to contain the solid poos without it seeping through to the nappy, also great for Alva baby nappies, however Iím not sure if they are irritating my babyís nappy rash

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Great liner
05 November 2019  | 

These liners fit very well in nappies without having to fold to fit in properly. They are very convenient to get rid of poo, and they are lovely and soft. I also think they are a pretty good price.

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not good for nappy lotion/cream
31 July 2019  | 

they are as suposed to be, good price.
the point is that I wanted to use them when nappy rash appears and I have to use a nappy cream. With this purpose I have to say that they are too thin and cream go through the liner.

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Works well
02 March 2019  | 

So far these liners have worked really well for us

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Make Poo Disposal Easy and Help Prevent Stains!
26 October 2018  | 

We are using these liners every time we use a reusable nappy now as they make it really easy to dispose of poo and they are definitely helping to prevent some of the staining that can occur too. They are soft and seem to fit all the nappy systems we have been trialling as part of the Try Cloth for £10 trial. We have flushed these down the toilet to dispose of although I am a little wary of doing this as they seem stronger and more durable than normal toilet paper. I am going to research whether or not they can be flushed!

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Good liners
14 August 2018  | 

They do what they are supposed to do but I wouldn't flush them.

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Good size
20 June 2018  | 

These are good liners. Narrower than little lambs so no cutting needed and so far have fit perfectly in all our nappy systems. They contain poo very well.

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Good liner
23 October 2017  | 

Soft good size just moves a bit with my little wriggler!

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