Little Lovebum Quickdry All-in-One Nappy

(VAT Free)
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Little LoveBum Quickdry is a One-Size All-in-One nappy; it is very well loved, and named after, its super fast drying time! The Quickdry has hip poppers to prevent wing droop, gentle leg elastics for maximum comfort and a the inner has natural anti-bacterial properties!

What is it made from?
The outer layer of the nappy is a waterproof and breathable TPU. The inner of the nappy is made from a microfibre core and coffee fibres, this is known to have natural anti-bacterial properties and reduces smells and staining too. Coffee Fibre is also brilliant at keeping babies bum cool even in the summer!

What else will I need?
These nappies are ready to use, so you won't need anything else to get started. However you may choose to add an extra booster and use this nappy overnight too.

How do I use it?
These are all in one nappies, so simply put on and go!

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