Little Lovebum Newbie All-in-One Nappy
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Design: JuneDesign: Cowboys

Little Lovebum Newbie All-in-One Nappy

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Absorbency:  Very Good
Drying Time:  Good
Ease of Use:  Excellent
Made in:  China
Slimness:  Slim

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Little LoveBum Newbie is a newborn All-in-One nappy designed to fit from 6lbs, it's simple to use and super soft on baby's bum. It features rise poppers and crossover snaps for a perfect fit on even tiny babies.

What is it made from?
The outer layer of the nappy is a waterproof and breathable PUL. The inner layer is made up from bamboo velour and the soaker is bamboo cotton meaning this nappy is made from natural fibres, this makes it extremely absorbent too whilst also staying soft on baby's bum.

What else will I need?
These nappies are ready to use and even have a stay dry liner so you won't need anything else to get started! The lay-in insert simply needs to lye flat or folded in half and out inside the nappy.

How do I use it?
These are all in one nappies, so simply put on and go!