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Hemp Boosters


Looking for a super thirsty nappy booster? Here you go!

For something so slim, these boosters are really super absorbent, making them an ideal choice for heavy wetters and night-time use.

And because they are made from hemp, and organic cotton, we're loving their eco-credentials too!

Quicker to dry than bamboo, these are also convenient if you're washing a mix of bamboo and hemp.


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7 Reviews:

10 November 2020  | 

We brought these as part of an overnight set-up. They don't help us for that (Since the other parts were useless and my kids are heavy-front wetters) a s they're bunchy (We reshape them every time we put them on our heated airer to dry - Without the airer they take about 3 days to air-dry! 😱 With this they're dry by morning when put on before bed) and quite wide for us, but that might be because we wash at 60įc due to 2 kids in cloth. These last my now 17m old (Who drinks about 3l per day!) A good, solid 3+hrs average which is amazing. They're bulky, so we usually leave her without bottoms or in a skirt/dress and tights to avoid warping her clothes however. We've used them for a year and they're lovely, but feel like the layers inside might be taking some wear recently. Never had smell issues but we can only use them in pocket nappies because poop on the seams is a nightmare to get out! We loved these so much we went on to test out Baba and Boo pockets and got a huge stash of their newborn nappies for baby #3 due in Jan. Wish they offered more sizes for these inserts because it took well over 6m for my daughter to grow into them because of the width/length of them.

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15 July 2020  | 

These are brilliant boosters! Slim and very absorbing. Little annoying they loose their shape but their thirstiness makes up for it!

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Good but thick and not very long
14 March 2020  | 

These are lovely and extremely absorbent but unfortunately quite bulky and donít seem to fit the entire length of the nappy! Iíd say they would be more suitable for night nappies rather than day due to the bulk. Not had a leak yet while using them though!

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Absorbant, but crinkle
10 August 2019  | 

These are slim and very absorbant, but I have to say that I think there are better brands for hemp inserts. They never seem to wash and dry flat, and crinkle around the edges. That said, they are very affordable, and baby doesn't seem to mind when I use them occasionally. Ok for back up inserts, but I wouldn't choose to use regularly.

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Excellent absorption
05 February 2019  | 

These are thin but so absorbent! Absolutely amazing I am super shocked but my goodness do these hold a lot of liquid.

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Good Absorbency and Slim Fit
26 October 2018  | 

This booster is slim enough to fit easily inside our nappies (Grovia Hybrids) and is great for helping prolong the time between nappy changes when you're out and about. I love that it is made of natural fibres and it doesn't take too long to dry either. I have given 4 stars rather than 5 only because it isn't as soft as the other boosters I have (Little Lamb bamboo boosters).

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Thin but so absorbent!
09 July 2018  | 

I just recently started cloth nappies and got these inserts and they are amazing! I havenít had any leaks so far and they wash really well. Would recommend these over other liners for sure

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