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What Will I Need?

Using Real Nappies- What will I need to use Real Nappies

As a general guide, you will need somewhere between 15-25 real nappies (depending on how often you intend to wash) and if you are opting for a 2-part system (nappy and waterproof cover) you will need only about 4-5 of the covers/wraps, as these only need to be washed every few uses or when soiled.

If you opt for a quick drying type of nappy, then you can get away with less nappies in total as your rotation will be quicker.

So what will you need?

Real Nappy Packs

We Offer a variety of Nappy Trial Packs including a Best Sellers Pack, and of course our best selling and unique Try Cloth for £10 Programme.

We also offer a highly popular Complete Nappy Kit which includes everything required for successful cloth-nappying, and suits many people. The kit includes 15 onesize nappies plus inserts, 2 Tots Bots Bamboozles Fitted Nappies for night-time use + a Nappy Wrap, Flushable Liners, Nappy Bucket, Mesh bags, a Wet Nappy Bag and a bag of 'Potion' detergent.

Download our ultimate Guide to Real Nappies here for easy to read, and concise information on getting started with cloth




Here’s some examples of other 'Nappy Stashes' to help you decide where you stand:

The Economy Stash

15-20 x Flat Nappies

4-5 x Nappy Covers

3 x Nappi Nippas


The Smart Stash

24 x Smartipants One-Size Nappies

2 x Fitted Nappies

1 x Nappy Wrap


Hybrid Stash

6 x GroVia Hybrid Shells

24 x Organic Cotton Soaker Pads

5 x Packs GroVia Biosoakers

Sized Stash

60 x Charlie Banana Sized Nappies (3 different sizes)



 A Hanging Pail

Wet Nappy Bags (To store the nappies when out and about) 

Liners (Paper or Fleece to line the nappies) (optional)

Washable Wipes ( you may as well use cloth wipes if you are washing nappies anyway, they are much kinder on babies bottom- and save you money! See our article for more info on washable wipes)



For a breakdown of what these example stashes are likely to cost see here.

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