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Next-GEN Universals
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Next-GEN Universals

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Brand:  GEN-Y

GEN-Y Next GEN Universal Covers






The Next GEN Universal cover is designed to make your cloth nappying experience easier, simpler, and more fun! 

The Next GEN Universals are trimmer, slimmer, and fit longer than the original. GEN-Y kept all the things you love: wipe-clean/ air-out inside, double leg gussets that are the best in the business, stay-put U shaped flaps that hold inserts snugly, and highly adjustable waist, leg, and rise snaps. Next GEN Universals have a higher rise, a more accommodating leg, and an all over trimmer cut than the original to keep you and baby happy: every use, every day!

The Universal Cover is designed to give you the ultimate in flexibility, as it can be used with almost any type of absorbent nappy including, inserts, prefolds, fitted nappies, disposable name it!
GEN-Y covers are uniquely constructed and the outer cotton layer is not laminated directly- so you get all the soft and hard-wearing qualities of cotton, but without the risk of wicking!
Specially shaped inner flaps on the front and back work perfectly to hold any lay in or insert in place, and because these are a polyester knit they stay clean and fresh much longer than the cotton/bamboo flaps of other similar nappy designs. In addition, a unique gathered front allows you the room you need to use with fitteds or contour nappies.
Inner leg gussets contain anything your child can dish out. Our super soft polyester/ spandex jersey binding is gentle and comfortable against your baby's skin.
A snap down rise and highly adjustable legs and waist mean you need just two sizes for the perfect fit from birth to potty.
The GEN-Y covers are side-snapping- this makes for superior adjustability across the waist and leg settings- you can snap the waist and the legs exactly where you need to for a perfect fit everytime!  
Wipe-clean or air-out inside so you can reuse until soiled. Poly-resin snap closures allow air circulation, are more difficult for your baby to undo, and won't snag or wear out with time.
Machine wash/ dry with your other nappies... What's not to love?
And even better than all of that- GEN-Y like to keep things fresh, and so release new and unique prints every couple of months! Not only does that make life that little bit more fun, but it also ensures that your covers hold a high re-sale value as parents seek out their desired, but discontinued prints!

GEN-Y Universal Covers FAQ

Q. I am worried about covers leaving red marks on my child. How gentle is the binding on GEN-Y covers?
A. The binding is a very soft spandex/ polyester jersey. We have found this stretch binding to be one of the gentlest on the market. When your child is in the proper size, red marks should be virtually non existent. Please fasten your GEN-Y covers on the largest leg setting that does not cause visible gaping to ensure that your child has the most comfortable fit. Please note that every child has different skin sensitivities, so we recommend trying one cover to see how it works for you. GEN-Y covers should not be used on children with spandex allergies.
Q. Wait a minute, cotton outer? Doesn't that wick?
A. GEN-Y covers are uniquely constructed so that the PUL layer forms a compete barrier between the absorbent diaper and the cotton outer; so the cotton never comes in contact with wetness. In addition, the gussets on GEN-Y Universal covers are made only of PUL, eliminating compression leaks. These covers stand up to even heavy wetters, even for overnight!
Q. How should I launder my GEN-Y cover?
A. We recommend washing your cover at least once to ensure colour fastness. Wash hot with your regular detergent, tumble dry. Even if you usually hang dry your laundry we recommend putting GEN-Y covers through the dryer at least once a month to increase the life expectancy of the PUL. If laundering along with hook and loop closure products, be sure that all laundry tabs are securely fastened to avoid snagging.
Q. Why is there an extra snap on the bottom of the middle row of rise snaps?
A. When the cover is on the smaller rise setting and you are using it with trim inserts; snapping the middle snap down one farther than the two side snaps takes the extra poof out of the front and makes the cover super trim. When the rise is unsnapped for your larger child, only snap the middle snap to achieve the same effect.
Q. Can I use my Universal cover with another major nappy company's inserts?
A. Yes! This cover was designed to be cross compatible with every brand we could find. The GEN-Y Inserts will provide an especially good fit. Please note that if your inserts are microfibre, you must add a stay dry or natural fibre layer on top to protect you baby's skin (microfibre can be irritating if left in skin contact)
Q. Where are GEN-Y covers manufactured?
A. GEN-Y manufactures all products in the USA. GEN-Y make every attempt to avoid purchasing Chinese made materials.
Q. Can my GEN-Y Universal cover help with learning to use the potty?
A. Yes! When your toddler is ready, use lay in insets or prefolds that are natural fibres so that your little one can feel the wetness better and be more aware of his body. Snap the waist loosely so that your toddler can easily pull the GEN-Y Universal cover up and down himself as he learns how to use the potty!

Size Chart

Size Rise Legs Waist Est. Weight Ranges
Size 1

13 - 16

5 - 10

11 - 18

6 - 18 lbs.

Size 2

16 - 19

7 - 14

14 - 23

18 - 38 lbs.

Average Rating (38 Reviews):  
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Great fit
Monday, 6 July 2015  | 

Fits lovely on my daughter over her prefolds. Had no leaks and looks comfortable.

Couldn't get on with these.
Wednesday, 28 January 2015  | 

These wraps are beautiful and well made but sadly not for us. Plus points are the large leg gussets, reliability, cheerful prints and universality.
However, the lack of a velcro waistband above whichever nappy you use means they look extremely bulky. Also the pockets at the front and back inevitably come into contact with any insert and moisture wicks into the waistband and front of the cover and then onto vests and trousers. I ended up selling them on and buying Blueberry Coveralls.

Beautiful, but not functional
Tuesday, 7 October 2014  | 

I bought one of these, it looks very nice and the feel is very good. The extra large leg gussets are also very nice.

With that said, there are a lot negatives with this cover.
We use inserts for our 4 week old baby girl, and it seems that she pees on the front flap, we results in big leaks through the closing. As the outer is made of cotton it the sucks the pee out of the diaper and into her clothes. The cover can then also not be reused as it is wet, so we have to wash it after a single change. Other covers we reuse when she only pees.

This cover has also a negative when it comes to washing it.
As most of our inserts are Stay Dry, they dry so fast, that we do not need to tumble dry, the same goes for our other covers made from only PUL, but as this one has a cotton outer, it takes 3 times as long to dry.

We will sadly not be buying this cover again.

Lovely wrap
Monday, 19 May 2014  | 

I am using this wrap on my 3 month old baby boy, the fabric is so soft and I love the pattern. I like that the leg gussets are super soft yet have contained the runniest breastfed baby poo.

Different and very reliable
Wednesday, 9 April 2014  | 

If you are board of usual wraps this one is the one to buy. Very well made and I love the outer fabric feel. I have size 1 for my 10 week old and it fits great over the sized and prefolds. The size 2 I use for my two year old. It's easy to adjust and the gussets are keeping everything in. We didn't have a single leak. It has elastic on belly too which some people might like. I'm going to be back for more .

Gen Y Universal wrap
Wednesday, 9 April 2014  | 

We love the wrap, print, size etc but the inside of the wrap I.e. The pasticy layer appears to be coming away from the material - it was fine when it arrived but has since become like this. I have only washed at 40 degrees and have not tumbled this product. Not sure why this is and wondering if you've had this experience before. I have another wrap - same make, size in sheep print which we got 3 or 4 months back which doesn't look like this new one. Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you for letting us know! We will sort this out for you prompto! :)

just use with inserts only!
Saturday, 8 February 2014  | 

Beautifully made and excellent quality. I must admit to being confused about the different wraps from GEN Y so I offered the wrong type for me. I used wuth a size one littlelamb and it was very snug on a 13 lb baby! And wicked at the legs. This is clearly for prefolds or inserts not fitteDs!

Having said that thus wrap, unlike some which have a high price is excellent quality.

Binding too tough
Wednesday, 22 January 2014  | 

I've got three Gen-Y covers - a simplicity, classic and universal. All three leave red marks on the bub's legs (which we don't like) and while they worked with a pleat fold nappy (we use flats), they don't seem to work so well with a neat fold. We've had leaks from the legs when the binding gets wet and we've got to the point where we don't really trust a reusable when out and about. I'm going to try a Smartipants wrapper to see if there's any difference.

Awesome Cover!
Friday, 17 January 2014  | 

We really love Gen-y covers and this print is really fun. The next generation universals are such a great fit on my chunky 22 month old.

sinzing is wrong
Saturday, 4 January 2014  | 

I don't know if this is the same that was sold as GEN Y UNIVERSAL WRAP about two years ago, as the Name is slightly different but the description Looks just like I remember it. If it is the same, I must say I Don't like it.
The sizing is a joke, size 2 is like a size M of most Systems. Was making terrible marks on the boy's legs on the largest Setting, before he was 10 months old, and the smaller size might have fit him when he was a newborn. Placement of the rise snaps (in the middle between the legs, rather than at the front) makes no sense, hardly influencing rise but scrunching the leg gussets so they would leak. The Cotton outer was regularly getting wet before the nappy was saturated. I assume the moisture was leaking through the snap holes and then being soaked up by the absorbent outer. That doesn't happen with a wrap that is a single layer of Polyester PUL with rise snaps away from the main wet Zone.

Must admit that the Cartoon and tie-dye designs are very cute. Adjustability is good, just like I know from other two-rows side snapping wraps (like booroi), and putting a rectangular insert under the flaps works all right, if the insert is the perfect shape and size. which is possible to do by folding a muslin square, but the disposable inserts I tried out with this were all wrong, and moved around a lot.

I'll probably keep These wraps, who knows if won't Need a show-off nappy for the next Baby, but I'll never lend them to someone who isn't quite sure they will use Cloth nappies, as that could make them disbelieve it is possible be waterproof with Cloth.

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