GroVia Newborn Buttah

GroVia Newborn Buttah

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GroVia® Newborn Nappies

 GroVia® Newborn Buttah All-In-Ones are exactly the same inside construction as their original Newborn All-In-Ones but the outside has been replaced with a proprietary laminated polyester velour for a shimmery, pillowy and quite possibly the sofest thing you've ever touched!

They provide a trim fit on even the tiniest of babies and with a natural organic cotton inner are luxouriously soft next to your baby's delicate skin. 

Simply snap on baby and go. It's that easy!


The GroVia® Newborn fit babies from 5-12lbs/2-5.5kg


  • Adjustable rise snaps for a trim fit
  • Soft layer of proprietary laminated polyester velour
  • Certified organic cotton inner
  • Made from 80% organic cotton
  • No cover required
  • No stuffing or inserts required


Perfect for that teeny tiny newborn stage, and will look completely adorable on that tiny bum! Beautiful nappies, fully reusable, trim fit, organic cotton, easy to use- who could ask for more!

*Please note we do not ship GroVia products to the USA*

What else will I need?

Liners: You may choose to use disposable liners inside your nappies to help with the removal of solids, however these are optional and are not essential.

Nappy Bucket or Hanging Pail: Any lidded bucket or hanging pail can be used to store your wet nappies. There is no need for soaking, they can be thrown into the empty bucket or bag ready for wash day. If using a bucket, mesh bags or pail liners can be used to make transferral of your nappies from the bucket to the machine really easy.

Wet Nappy Bag: This is a waterproof bag to be kept in your changing bag that can be used to store your wet nappies when you are out and about. We recommend the Alva Wet & Dry bag.

Boosters: These are optional and may be used if your child is a heavy wetter, or for night-time boosting. Our fabulous range of nappy boosters can be seen here or for the Grovia boosters

Job done! Take a look at our Accessory Bundles , everything in one place at great prices!

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