Petit Lulu Maxi Night Nappy -Snaps
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Petit Lulu Maxi Night Nappy -Snaps

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Petit Lulu

Petit Lulu Maxi Night Nappies


The Petit Lulu Maxi Night Nappy is larger and more absorbent than the regular fitted nappy version, therefore making it suitable for night use and for older children.

The night nappy provides excellent levels of absorbency and requires a separate waterproof cover to fit over the top.

Nappy Includes:

  • Long snap in bamboo & cotton booster
  • Additional lay-in booster


The Petit Lulu Maxi Night Nappy fits from approx 15lbs (7kg) through to 35lbs (16kg). The overall size of the nappy can be adjusting using the snaps on the front rise



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